The natural whitening effect from a combination of two key elements.


The natural whitening effect of BlanX originates from a combination of two key elements. Firstly, the Arctic Lichen extract formulation which is able to fight bacteria, plaque and stains whilst soothing and disinfecting the gum tissue, with characteristics which guarantee maximum hygiene without any abrasion. Secondly the fluoride salts which reinforce the enamel, enhancing the brightness of your teeth, whilst protect the oral cavity from bacteria.

Bacteria is produced through adhesive substance which causes them to stick to the surface of teeth causing an increase in the formation of plaque. The exclusive formulation of BlanX contains active ingredients with high anti-bacterial properties which are able to drastically reduce the proliferation of bacteria whilst protecting the tooth enamel. The anti-plaque action of BlanX has been proven through various in vitro tests, to be active against the micro-organisms which are responsible for teeth cavities and is able to reduce cavities forming. 

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